Hey people 🙂 Below is a rap that I came up with some group members during my second year at uni for a competition. It was written on 21/10/2015 and I think it had to feature every sustainable item in the room.


Talking today about sustainability

around which there’s worldwide inequality.

A box of notes made from elephant poo

Re-using resources to save Earth is what we do.


Using this duck timer while in the shower

to reduce water wastage, we’ve got the power.

Don’t use electric fans while in the Sahara Desert,

use this handmade fan, it’s what our Earth deserves.


Recycling’s vital, it’s our responsibility.

Keeping the waste from our seas is within our ability.

Let’s save the fish too, we can’t do it alone.

We need to come together to protect our home.


Et fin! Feel free, as usual to let me know if you enjoyed this or not 🙂 Saving our planet is truly important and we can’t do it alone- we must unite and carry out actions to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions while normalising new/alternative forms of energy.

Biding your time

Ask me once, I’ll say biding your time is great. Ask me again, I’ll ponder for a bit then respond that spontaneity is essential every once in a while ⚘ Life is delicate, maybe bide your time more often than the latter. Take as much time as you need; don’t bleed touching the thorns in haste to clip the rose.

Be you and be happy WITH you

Hey folks,

The only time you should be looking at someone else’s growth is when you can help them in some way. Otherwise, focus on being the best version of you that you can be. Be flawlessly and unapogetically you. Some people are going to hate on you, no matter what but that is NEVER a reflection of you, but of their insecurities. Learn when to let go of things that do not make you happy and there may be people you have to let go of too. Do it. Let ’em go. Those who are meant to be in your life will always be present. Be happy. Be you and be happy WITH you. We all have little things we can improve but stop putting yourself down. If you don’t believe in yourself, the time to do so is now. Stop doubting your abilities. You are incredible and have been blessed with so much, alhumdhulillah (graças a Deus). Use it. Believe. Be free ❤ This life is too short- smile, love and be at peace with yourself. Do that which makes you happy. Spread happiness and love. Always. Fight injustice. Love yourself well, then love others well ❤

Alhumdhulillah ala kulli hal

Much love,

Tanz x


Life…and death. Leave your legacy.

I’ve written in a similar vein to what I intend to write tonight, in a previous post about James Patterson and Emily Raymond’s book, First Love but I can’t emphasise this enough- it really isn’t about the length of time that we have in this life that matters but the hearts that we touch. Not the hearts that we break nor the hope that we take but the humanity we bring to every and any situation we find ourselves in. So, forget about what others think of you when you try to positively impact the world as you usually do, and seek to change the world. Keep smiling, be happy and don’t be ignorant of the fact that our time here must come to an end. When? Allahu a’lam however this does not mean we do not work not only for a good ending but constantly on a good journey. Our time here may be short, it may be long, in comparison to others’ but we simply do not know so treasure what you have, treasure who comes your way. Don’t try to lead others astray. Instead, do good and be the best person you can be. Inspire others to do the same and be the best people they can be. Brainstorm. Decide the impact you want to have on the world. Work towards it. Do it. Leave your legacy.


❤ Tanz

First impressions…

Hey folks, this is on something that I’ve been thinking about for a while and like most things- my thinking around this matter is constantly changing.

First impressions, huh? People tell us that they matter because they last. But it’s interesting because sometimes in our longest-lasting relationships, we find that them, our primary impressions drifting into the background of our memories. Though maybe they’re important like the 10% weighting of our first year exams which we have to pass to make it to the next year at uni- what I mean is looking back at them, it seems like they didn’t account for much but if we didn’t do well, we may not have progressed to the next level e.g. become someone’s friend.

I guess I’ve been thinking about first impressions a lot because I’ve realised that with many people I meet, the first impression is often at a standard which neither of us then reach, no longer able to match the standard of conversation perhaps because there was some sort of novelty to the initial interaction. Of course, the best relationships are those in which, the standards from the first moment are not only met but shattered and exceeded by immeasaurable bounds over time.

At the same time, don’t despair when you experience the former- where expectations have been set too high and others don’t meet them. Some interactions are not to be repeated with the same people- you can’t be on the same level with everyone and that may just be the topic of one of my upcoming posts. For now, I will leave you with this brief insight into what I think of first impressions! I hope you are all well and taking care of yourselves and I shall speak to you soon!

PS: Do put effort into first impressions as often as you can because you never know where they may lead! 🙂

Also, I’d love to read some comments you may have on first impressions in the comments! Have you thought much about them before? Did this post provoke any thoughts on them for you? Let me know

❤ Tanz

Lighter ~

Do you want to feel lighter?


Pour your heart out to the Almighty.

From your chest, release that tightness.


You show you’re strong to the world but to Him,

your every weakness can show

and let me tell you something,

He loves you, more than you know.


Ask for forgiveness,

cry like a baby to Him.

There’s no embarrassment

because he loves you more than you can imagine.


Think of your closest and dearest,

they can easily desert you

and may have before, but you forget your Nearest.

Allah. Allah is always with you.


Some don’t give you the time of day

Help people, but don’t depend on them.

Allah, Allah will never turn you away

so take your time up with His remembrance.


As time goes on, my love for my Lord only grows

He protects us, guides us, blesses us each and every day

and I know He loves us more than we know.

May He keep us steadfast in our faith.


Do everything for Him and your life becomes brighter.

Give charity in the name of Allah.

Treat others well because it pleases Him.

Make it to your five daily meetings with your Creator.

Read the Holy Qur’an, the greatest gift to our ummah.

And trust in Him

Seek his blessings

for He loves you

and you love Him.

Alhumdhulillah for the Deen, it makes one lighter.

Alhumdhulillah for everything.


❤ Tanz