Life…and death. Leave your legacy.

I’ve written in a similar vein to what I intend to write tonight, in a previous post about James Patterson and Emily Raymond’s book, First Love but I can’t emphasise this enough- it really isn’t about the length of time that we have in this life that matters but the hearts that we touch. Not the hearts that we break nor the hope that we take but the humanity we bring to every and any situation we find ourselves in. So, forget about what others think of you when you try to positively impact the world as you usually do, and seek to change the world. Keep smiling, be happy and don’t be ignorant of the fact that our time here must come to an end. When? Allahu a’lam however this does not mean we do not work not only for a good ending but constantly on a good journey. Our time here may be short, it may be long, in comparison to others’ but we simply do not know so treasure what you have, treasure who comes your way. Don’t try to lead others astray. Instead, do good and be the best person you can be. Inspire others to do the same and be the best people they can be. Brainstorm. Decide the impact you want to have on the world. Work towards it. Do it. Leave your legacy.


❤ Tanz


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