Lighter ~

Do you want to feel lighter?


Pour your heart out to the Almighty.

From your chest, release that tightness.


You show you’re strong to the world but to Him,

your every weakness can show

and let me tell you something,

He loves you, more than you know.


Ask for forgiveness,

cry like a baby to Him.

There’s no embarrassment

because he loves you more than you can imagine.


Think of your closest and dearest,

they can easily desert you

and may have before, but you forget your Nearest.

Allah. Allah is always with you.


Some don’t give you the time of day

Help people, but don’t depend on them.

Allah, Allah will never turn you away

so take your time up with His remembrance.


As time goes on, my love for my Lord only grows

He protects us, guides us, blesses us each and every day

and I know He loves us more than we know.

May He keep us steadfast in our faith.


Do everything for Him and your life becomes brighter.

Give charity in the name of Allah.

Treat others well because it pleases Him.

Make it to your five daily meetings with your Creator.

Read the Holy Qur’an, the greatest gift to our ummah.

And trust in Him

Seek his blessings

for He loves you

and you love Him.

Alhumdhulillah for the Deen, it makes one lighter.

Alhumdhulillah for everything.


❤ Tanz


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