Twice the person you’ll ever be

I told you

The reason he lashed out

I told you

You provoked him

What did you do?

You shared that with others

What did you do?

Cackled on the street about it like the witch that you are.

I pity you.

I told you

I thought you’d have an ounce of compassion

Little did I know that my expression

would mean nothing

for someone without decency

without empathy


nor dignity.

I told you

His actions don’t always make sense to everyone

You so desperate for attention

For your sick idea of fun

You told those like you who listened

Ridiculing someone’s illness

Because you are that



You’re an insensitive mess.


What did you do?

Laughed at the condition of his mental health

Shrieked at his expense

For fake cretins

those other good-for-nothings

without empathy


nor dignity

What did you do?

You’ve no real friends to be found

You tried to fight him but he’s already in a war

Though he has loved ones all around.

While no one knocks at your door

So you ridicule someone’s illness

Because you are that



You need to change desperately.

For maltreatment does not go unseen.

Also, he’s twice the person you’ll ever be.


❤ Tanz

Note: if you haven’t already felt the gist of my stance on the scumbags who ridicule others for their mental health issues, I think it’s outrageous and unacceptable. I was unable to speak to the inhumane thing and her fellow cretins in this case but decided to channel my anger into this piece. Feel free to let me know your comments on it below 🙂 Some details are different in this piece.


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