“Ler, ler, ler,

viver a vida

que outras sonharam.”

– Unamuno


A powerful reminder. Muito poderoso ❤ Randomly found this on the back of a bookmark in a Portuguese book of contemporary Palestinian poetry. Love the book so much and was surprised to find this inspirational bookmark in there!! To read and obtain knowledge are some of the most treasure and encouraged actions in Islam. “Iqra” i.e. “Read” was the first revelation from Allah to Muhammad (SAW) via Jibril (AS)- please correct me if any of my wording is incorrect, any mistake is from me and I apologise for it. Thus, reading is very important to me. When I was younger, I used to read much, much more but now that I have finished my exams and that I am also looking to write more, God-willing, I look forward to reading more too! ❤ Books are one of my first loves!


Tanz 🙂


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