A kid’s dream, aged 10

Q: What are your dreams?

A: Erm, what is it for again? An interview? Oh, my dreams are…what do you mean, my dreams? My dreams are to fly.

Q: You can’t…erm. X, I mean, what do you want to achieve?

A: What do I want to achieve? In life

Q: Hold on. Yeah

A: Erm…find true love

Q: What is true love?

A: True *laughs* What is true love? It’s compassion, it’s happy, it brings joy and I don’t know. It’s just full of love and happiness

Q: What is compassion?

A: Full of love. I don’t even know but I’m going to say full of love and joy.

Q: Can you feel love for anyone?

A: Yeah. What do you mean? Love love?

Q: Hmm?

A: What?

Q: Thanks for your time.


Note: This was an interview/informal chat with a ten year old.  Totally random. Or perhaps a pilot to see how asking a unconventional not-your-everyday question would go 🙂 *ideas are brewing* 😉 More will be revealed in time, God-willing.

Try it! You may learn something new about someone you know (or someone you don’t know!)


❤ Tanz


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